MGB Framework

Event Viewer | Tutorial


Event Viewer is powerful visualizing tool for time series, time sequences and other symbolic or scalar temporal datasets. Event Viewer has unique features which allow for a powerful understanding of data. Event Viewer can also be used to study static data and real time data flows. Finally, Event Viewer can interact seamlessly with Honey and allow quick prototyping analysis.

Video tutorial

To learn more about Event Viewer, we invite you to watch the following video tutorial:


To run Event Viewer, you need to have Java 1.8 installed on your computer. Java can be obtained at the following address:

Once Java is installed, Event Viewer can be started either by:

Note that on Microsoft Window, you can specify for Event Viewer files (.csv, .evt, .bin, .sce) to be "Open With" EventViewer.bat.

For each Layout/Plots a large amount of customization is available. The following windows are available when creating a new layout/plot or when selecting the "edit" option on an existing layout/plot.